Converting a standard class to a master class

An existing standard class can also be converted to a master class. The assignments and any papers, students, and grade information in the standard class are placed in an automatically created section of the master class.

  1. To convert a regular class into a master class, select the edit icon to the right of the class name on the instructor homepage.

  2. Ensure the correct class is being converted by checking the class name. To convert the class immediately into a master/section class, click the convert to master class button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Any existing students, papers, grades, and assignments from the standard class are moved to a newly created section beneath the new master class. To access the existing information, select the name of the section.

  4. You are automatically assigned as the TA of the converted class as the primary master class instructor. To change the TA of this section select the gear icon besides the class section. You can change the details on the TA Information page to allow someone else to manage the class section.