Replicating Revision and Reflection assignments

Revision and reflection assignments are identical to a standard assignment but with extra steps. Rather than be constricted to the options chosen in the original assignment, we now recommend a simpler workflow that will allow you to take advantage of all of Turnitin's features with every type of assignment you create.

Revision assignments were intended to give a structured way of submitting multiple drafts to an assignment in a limited way without hitting the 24 hour refresh limit. Since January 2018, the first three refreshes of a Similarity Report are instantaneous with any after the third taking 24 hours to generate. However, with a revision assignment you are restricted to options you chose when creating the initial assignment.

Reflection assignments are limited further by not being able to generate a similarity report or allow you to use our online grading tools to give feedback to your students. By using a standard assignment, students will still be able to submit a final file to reflect on their work, but you can adjust the assignment settings to better suit your learning aims. Would you like your student's reflection assignment to be grammar checked? No problem! Just turn it on when you create it as you would for the primary assignment.

Find out how you can retain the functionality of both assignment types below, but further enhance them with added options.

Replicating a revision assignment

  1. Start to create an assignment as you usually would.

    Add 'Revision #X' into the assignment title to help differentiate multiple drafts.

  2. Change the Submit papers to: dropdown to no repository.
  3. Change the Generate Similarity Reports for submissions? dropdown to immediately (can overwrite reports until due date).
  4. As easy as that! You can now tailor the rest of the assignment using any other settings that you'd like.

Replicating a reflection assignment

  1. Start to create an assignment as you usually would.

    Add 'Reflection' into the assignment title so it stands out.

  2. Set Generate Similarity Reports for submissions? to No.
  3. Change the point value to 0, or assign a value if you plan to grade the reflection.
  4. Change the Submit papers to: dropdown to no repository if you don't want it to be made available to be matched against in future assignments.
  5. Adjust any of the other settings you'd like to and then you're all done!

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