Importing assignments

From the assignment library, an instructor can import assignments to copy them from one class to another.

  1. Log into Turnitin and click on the name of the class to import an assignment or set of assignments into.

  2. Click on the libraries tab in the class.

  3. Use the select assignment set pull down menu to choose a class to import assignments from.

  4. Click the check box to the left of the assignment(s) to import to another class.

  5. Click the import button above the assignment name list.

  6. Select whether to use the assignment dates existing in the library or to enter new dates. To use library dates, click the preserve dates link. To enter new dates for a new school year or semester, enter the start and due dates and click submit.

  7. The assignment(s) selected will be imported into the current class

    If more than one assignment is being imported, the selected dates are applied to all assignments imported at the same time. Dates can be edited later for individual assignments by clicking on the assignment update button. The user may also import assignments one by one, selecting new dates for each assignment.

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