Removing a QuickMark from a set

A QuickMark can not be completely deleted from the system but may be removed from all active sets and archived.

Archiving a QuickMark will remove it from all QuickMark sets in the QuickMark Manager

  1. Select the name of a QuickMark set.

  2. Select the marks to remove.

    To select multiple marks, hold ctrl while you make your selections. Or, to select all the marks in between two marks, select the highest mark in the list you want to remove and then hold shift and select the lowest mark in the list you want to remove. All marks in between will be highlighted

  3. Select the Actions link and click on the Other button.

  4. Select the Remove from this set option.

A QuickMark with a lock symbol to the right of its name in the marks list cannot be removed from the Turnitin provided sets: Composition, Format, Punctuation, and Usage.

Instructors may only add, delete, copy, or edit QuickMark sets and marks that they own. QuickMark sets with a lock icon to the right of the set name cannot be modified and are provided by Turnitin or the account administrator.

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