Archiving and restoring a QuickMark

Within the QuickMark Library, individual marks can be moved to the Archived folder and can be restored later if needed.

Archiving a QuickMark will remove it from all QuickMark sets in the QuickMark Library.

Archiving a QuickMark | Restoring archived QuickMarks

Archiving a QuickMark

  1. Select a set containing the custom mark to archive.

  2. Select the mark to be archived.

    To select multiple marks, hold cmd (Mac) or ctrl (PC) while you make your selections. Or, to select all the marks in between two marks, select the highest mark in the list you want to remove and then hold shift and select the lowest mark in the list to be removed. All marks in between will be highlighted.

  3. Select Archive at the bottom right of the QuickMark details.

    Administrators and instructors may only archive QuickMarks that they own. QuickMark sets with a lock icon to the right of the set name cannot be modified and are provided by Turnitin or the account administrator.

Restoring archived QuickMarks

  1. Select the Archived folder located at the bottom of the Sets panel.

  2. Select the marks to be restored. To restore all the archived marks, choose the Select all link.

    Single markMultiple marks


  3. In the rightmost panel, select Restore. The marks will now appear in the same sets as before they were archived.