Adding a TA to an account

This page is now out of date - Please see our updated instructor and TA management guidance on our new Turnitin Guides site.

Before an instructor can assign a class section to a Teaching Assistant (TA), the TA needs to have an instructor profile on the account that contains the master class. To add a new TA to an account, administrators must add them as an instructor.

To add a TA as an instructor, there are three required pieces of information you must supply:

  • TA’s first name

  • TA’s last name

  • TA’s email address

  1. From the administrator homepage, select the account that contains the master class, then choose the Instructors tab.

  2. Select the Add Instructor button, which is the rightmost button located above the instructor list.

  3. Enter the first name, last name, and email address details for the TA.

  4. Select the Submit button to add this TA as an instructor on the account.

Teaching Assistants (TAs) can only view the master class sections assigned to them, where they can create assignments and grade student papers just like an instructor would.