Allowing instructors to view the full text of matching submissions

The account settings page allows you to change the default options set at account creation.

  1. To begin customizing your Turnitin account settings, click the Edit icon alongside the account you wish to edit.
  2. Select Edit account settings.

Don't forget to click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save any changes you make to the account!

You are able to determine how requests to view papers are processed within your institution. When a paper that has been submitted to your institution matches against a paper at another institution the instructor can ask to view the matching paper. An email will be sent with this request and next steps you can take should you wish to share the paper. 

If the instructor is internal to your institution you can automatically allow them to have access to a paper that has been submitted to the account they are an instructor in.

Set the Allow instructors within your institution to view full text of submissions to Enabled.

For external requests, you can either allow the instructor of the original assignment to receive requests directly or specify an email address that all paper view requests will be automatically routed to.


We recommend assigning an email address that multiple people have access to, such as a shared inbox. Learn more about paper view requests.