Using the  administrator  homepage

The administrator homepage displays a list of all accounts the user has administrator access to. Most Turnitin administrators will have a single account; however, administrators at larger institutions may manage accounts for multiple locations, or accounts that contain several sub-accounts and departments.

If there are no accounts listed on the administrator homepage, please make sure to log in with the e-mail address and password sent in your account activation e-mail.

The user preferences section of a user profile affects how information within the profile account is presented and sets defaults for commonly used functions. User preferences include:

  • default user type – determines the type of user you log in as (administrator, instructor, or student); if you would like to change user types, you can do so using the user type button.
  • default submission type – select a default submission type: file upload, bulk upload, or cut and paste
  • items per page – select the number of items you would like displayed per page
  • show page info – toggles the info messages at the top of each page on and off
  • send me e-mail updates – choose yes to receive e-mail updates from Turnitin
  • use homepage link – choose yes to create a homepage link. To set up a link, enter a link name and URL below.