Creating and managing assignments

Creating an assignment with Turnitin

Assignment settings

Optional LTI settings

Paper deletions


Document details (Turnitin originality only)


Viewing Document Flags

AI writing detection (if enabled)

The Similarity Report

The Similarity Report explained

Accessing the Similarity Report

Interpreting the Similarity Report

Refining the Similarity Report

Similarity scoring scenarios

Viewing similarity matches

Viewing sources

Generating a new Similarity Report

Accessing the text only report

Managing paper view request

Multicolor highlighting in the Similarity Report

Similarity Report exclusions

Excluding quotes and bibliography

Bibliography and quote exclusion definitions

Excluded small matches

Excluded sources

Viewing excluded sources


Learning Analytics Dashboard

Commenting tools

Adding bubble comments

Adding inline comments

Adding QuickMarks

Adding strikethroughs

Adding text summary comments

Converting bubble comments to QuickMarks

Assigning criteria to bubble comments

Recording voice comments

QuickMark Manager

Multiple Markers

Deleting bubble comments

Deleting inline comments

Deleting QuickMarks

Deleting strikethroughs


About PeerMark™ assignments

Creating a PeerMark assignment

Accessing PeerMark set-up

Accessing PeerMark reviews

Using the PeerMark™ tools palette

Adding bubble comments

Adding inline comments

Adding composition marks

Pairing students

Unpairing students

Excluding a student for pairing

Including a student for pairing

Accessing PeerMark questions

Creating a free-response question

Creating a scale question

Adding a question from the PeerMark library

Saving questions to a new library

Saving questions to an existing library

Editing and deleting questions

The PeerMark assignment inbox

Writing an instructor review

Writing a review for a selected paper

Grading peer reviews

Submitting paper

File types and sizes

Digital receipts

ETS® e-rater®

Viewing e-rater feedback

Dismissing and revealing e-rater marks

Adding comments to e-rater marks

Hiding e-rater feedback categories

When is e-rater® feedback released to students?


Changing QuickMark set visibility options

Filtering visibility options

Accessing the QuickMark manager

Creating new QuickMarks

Creating new QuickMark set

Editing QuickMarks

Copying QuickMarks to an exisiting set

Archiving QuickMarks

Restoring QuickMarks

Searching for QuickMarks

Downloading QuickMark sets

Uploading QuickMark sets

Rubric scorecards

Types of rubric scorecards

Creating a standard rubric scorecard

Modifying a rubric scorecard

Attaching a rubric scorecard to an assignment

Grading in the rubric side panel

Grading in the expanding rubric manager

Duplicating a rubric scorecard

Downloading rubric scorecard

Uploading rubric scorecard

Grading forms

Creating a grading form

Modifying a grading form

Attaching a grading form to an assignment

Grading in the grading form side panel

Grading in the expanded grading form manager

Duplicating a grading form

Downloading a grading form

Uploading a grading form

Assigning grading form criteria to bubble comments

Feedback Studio navigation

Moving between papers

Using layers

Using thumbnails