Resubmitting on behalf of a student

As the plagiarism plugin uses normal Moodle assignments, to submit on behalf of a student you need to log-in as that user. To use this Moodle feature, you will need to be granted admin privileges or ask your admin to complete this process for you.

Consult your institution's data privacy policy before access your student's account in this way.

  1. As a user with administrator privileges, navigate to the course your student submitted to.
  2. Choose the assignment you would like to submit to and select the View all submissions button.

  3. Find the student you would like to submit as and select their name.
  4. From the student profile, find the Administration section and select the log in as link and the Continue button.

  5. You are now masquerading as your chosen student. Complete the submission process as if you were a student.