Accessing the text-only Similarity Report

While Turnitin Feedback Studio is not currently completely WCAG 2.0 AA compliant you can use our text-only report for a better experience with an assistive technology and Turnitin.

  1. Open a paper in Turnitin Feedback Studio by selecting the paper title from the Assignment Inbox.
  2. After first loading Turnitin Feedback Studio press the tab key. A box will appear on the screen with the focus already on that element. A screen reader will read this element as a link saying 'Navigate to text-only Similarity Report'. You can select on this link or press enter on your keyboard to open the text-only Similarity Report.

  3. The text-only similarity report will now load in a new window. Turnitin Feedback Studio will remain open in your previous window. You can also select on the Turnitin Viewer to load it again.

What we still need to work on

  • Voice comments - Turnitin currently doesn’t have the ability to transcribe instructor voice comments into text form. Students with hearing disabilities will not be able to consume the voice comments provided by their instructor.
  • Student submission - The text of a student submission is image-based and cannot be read by a screen reader in its default view
  • Inline comments - Turnitin currently doesn’t allow the ability to navigate to comments left inline within the paper with a keyboard or screen reader in its default interface.
  • Non-student workflows - Strict conformance to WCAG 2.0 A and AA is limited to the student-facing interfaces. The below-mentioned workarounds are for student workflow only.


  • Leaving voice comments - When leaving comments for students with hearing disabilities, we recommend instructors leave a text-based comment instead of a voice recording.
  • Using a screen reader - Students using a screen reader can access a text-only version of their similarity report by pressing Tab + Enter upon accessing the Similarity Report.
  • Visual impairments - Students can download a text-based PDF version of their report. When leaving comments for students with vision impairment, we recommend instructors include the original text alongside their comments so that students can associate the instructor’s comment with the text of their submission.