Multiple Markers

Multiple Markers (Beta) introduces the ability for integration users to allow multiple instructors to mark an assignment. If your account has Multiple Markers enabled then the Multiple Markers functionality will appear within the Feedback Studio. 

If your LMS or learning portal allows multiple instructors to be added to a class, Multiple Markers will then give each instructor their own marking layer on an assignment. This marking layer can then be toggled on and off, just like any other layer in Turnitin Feedback Studio, to provide multiple sources of feedback for a student.

Enabling Multiple Markers for an Account

Multiple Markers is an optional account setting which can be enabled or disabled by Turnitin administrators.

To access account settings, select Edit account settings from the edit drop-down menu.

Multiple Markers Beta will be listed as one of the account options.

Marker Layers

Multiple Markers is an account option on your account. In opening a student's submission, the Turnitin Feedback Studio will activate your layer by default. Your layer will be retained only if you leave a comment on the paper.

In order to utilize the multiple markers functionality, all instructors must be enrolled on the same course within your LMS.

Your Layer

Once you have left feedback within your layer, the feedback will then be made available for other instructors to view. You must wait for other instructors to also leave feedback in order for their layers to appear within your Feedback Studio.

To view all marker layers for a paper, each marker must have accessed the paper and left feedback. This will then cause the marker's name to appear within the Active Layers  side panel.

Your initials will appear alongside any comments you leave, helping your students to differentiate between the multiple markers who have left feedback on their piece of work.

Multiple Marker Layers

Any other marker layers will appear in the same location as your own. You can turn these layers on and off like any other by checking and unchecking the relevant checkbox.

Enabling other marker layers will make their comments appear alongside your own. 

  • Multiple marking is not supported on the iPad app.
  • Markers can currently edit and remove other marker’s feedback.