Moodle Plugins and GDPR

To support upcoming changes to European data protection law, we’ve focused our efforts on refreshing our processes around how your data is used within Turnitin's Moodle plugins: V1, V2, and the Plagiarism Plugin.

Transparent repository settings

We've made the Moodle plugin repository settings much clearer, by providing easy-to-understand, transparent language behind the Store student papers help icon. The new language is as follows:

Enable expanded instructor repository options: Instructors can instruct Turnitin to add documents to either the standard repository, the institution's private repository, or no repository.

During assignment setup, administrators and instructors can now be completely sure that they're selecting the correct storage options for student papers.

Reporting on the data we store about our users

Moodle has released two plugins with privacy features to assist with GDPR compliance. While we've successfully implemented Moodle's new privacy features, Moodle's update is only available to those using Moodle 3.3.5+, 3.4.2+, or 3.5. Therefore, if you're using an earlier version, you must upgrade to have access to these new features.

To inform you about the data we store in relation to our users, we now provide a detailed list via the Moodle Privacy and Policies page:

  • We explain which data links a Moodle user to a Turnitin user account and any preferences specific to Turnitin. These include default assignment settings and any Turnitin rubrics owned by users.
  • We explain which information about a user's submission is sent from Moodle to Turnitin.
  • We explain which user data Moodle needs to exchange with Turnitin for a successful Turnitin submission.

Students can request to download their data

Students have the ability to request an export of their data stored in Moodle. This request can be accepted or declined by their Moodle administrator. If accepted, the student will be able to download all the data held about them, which includes data from Turnitin.

Students can request to remove their data

Students can also request their data to be removed from Moodle. This requested can be accepted or declined by their Moodle administrator. If accepted, the administrator will remove the student data from Moodle.

However, administrators must contact to request that student data be removed from Turnitin itself.

If you're a Moodle administrator, and using version 3.3.5+, 3.4.2+, or 3.5, follow the steps below to view the data we store:

  1. Visit your Site administration settings from the Moodle side panel.
  2. Select Plugin privacy registry from the Privacy and policies section.
  3. Select Activity Module.
  4. Scroll down and select Turnitin Assignment 2 to find all of the user data we process.