Step 2 - Configuring LTI in Moodle

Important Terminology

Launch URL: This will be different if you are accessing Turnitin from the United Kingdom or from if you are accessing from elsewhere. You may also know it as the Domain URL. (UK users only) (All other users)

Consumer Key: This is your Turnitin Account ID. You'll find it in your initial account creation emails from Turnitin or you can also log in to (or and see it on the Administrator Homepage.

Shared Secret: In Turnitin this is called the Shared Key. You create this when you configure your account in Turnitin.

Domain: Enter either or depending on your location.

Configuring LTI in Moodle 3.5, 3.7, and 3.8

Use Moodle 3.9 or above? You can use our LTI 1.3 integration and take advantage of our latest features!

Due to Moodle ending security support for versions 3.9, 3.11, and 4.0 on December 11, 2023, Turnitin will end support of our plugins for those versions of Moodle as well. If you are using Moodle 4.0 or earlier, please be sure to update your Moodle version.

A Moodle environment will only support one integration and account/sub-account. If you need to configure multiple Turnitin sub-accounts, you will have to create a Moodle environment for each one.

Due to the rising number of Moodle themes and user interface updates from version to version, this user guide does not contain any screenshot images. While the workflow remains the same in versions 3.5, 3.7, and 3.8, the user interface may not.

  1. Log in as a Moodle administrator
  2. Select Site administration from the left-hand sidebar in Moodle.
  3. Select Plugins.
  4. Select Activity modules.
  5. Select External tool.
  6. Select Manage tools.
  7. Within the Add tool box, select configure a tool manually.
  8. Begin your external tool configuration:
    1. Enter a name for your external tool (e.g. Turnitin, Turnitin LTI, etc.)
    2. Enter one of the following URLs as the Tool Base URL/cartridge URL. This URL is based on your location: (UK users only) (All other users)
    3. Enter your Consumer Key.
      This is the five-digit Turnitin Account ID Number included in your Welcome to Turnitin email, and also located to the left of the Account Name in your Turnitin administrator account.
    4. Enter your Shared Secret.
      This is the Shared Key set by the Turnitin administrator and is exactly 8 alphanumerical characters in length.
  9. From the Tool configuration usage drop-down list, you must select Show as preconfigured tool when adding external tool.

    This ensures that your configured external tool is available to yourself and instructors when creating an LTI assignment within a course.

  10. Select Save changes to complete the configuration.
  11. The configured Turnitin LTI tool will now appear in your list of tools at the bottom of the Manage tools page. If configured correctly, the tool will appear as 'active'.