Assigning criteria to bubble and QuickMark comments

If you've attached a rubric or grading form to your assignment, you can assign any of the criteria in your rubric or grading form to a bubble or QuickMark comment. The comment will generally be linked to the theme or topic of the rubric criterion.

The Assign Criterion option will only appear within your bubble or QuickMark comment options if a rubric or grading form is attached to the assignment you are marking.

  1. Click the Assign Criterion button at the top of a bubble or QuickMark comment box. This will reveal a list of your rubric or grading form's criterion, from which you can choose to assign an individual criterion to the comment.

    To remove the assigned criterion from the bubble comment, return to this step and click the selected criterion to remove it.

  2. The Assign Criterion button will revert to the criterion name, confirming that it has been assigned to the comment.

  3. The comment icon will be displayed with a rubric icon inside it.

    You can also view the bubble comments with assigned criterion in the rubric and grading form manager.