Downloading submissions and reports

Teachers can download assignments one by one or in bulk. Submits can be in the original file type or downloaded in PDF format, and the GradeMark file can be exported in PDF format. An overview of the similarities of all students can also be downloaded as an Excel file.

After downloading, the download file is located in the message inbox.

From the submitted inbox

Download a submission

Download a separate submission and select the start download icon.

Download all submissions as a zip

From the top of the submitted inbox you can download the file.

Download all submissions in PDF format and select the PDF icon.

Select the Excel icon from a similar report from all generated download results.

Download the original format of all submissions and click on the blank paper icon.

Download selected to post

Download the original format of the selected file, or the GradeMark PDF file, select the checkbox next to the relevant submission in the file submission list.

    1. Click each of the submissions next to the checkbox you want to download.
    2. Alternatively, you can bulk download all submissions by clicking on the left side of the checkbox last name/namehead. This will select all submissions.
  1. The submit button appears in the middle of the inbox. Select it to download.
    1. Select the original file download is submitted in the original format. This will be downloaded as a zip file. Indicate that your download is in preparation.
    2. , or download a GradeMark file by selecting a taskSelect the GradeMark file . This is a zip file submitted by all selected students, containing all the tags and comments you might add to the file. Indicate that your download is in preparation.

The process of compiling GradeMark files takes time, depending on the number of files to be processed. You can close the window at any time, allowing files to be processed in the background. You will receive a message in Moodle's inbox. Open this message to download your file.

In the Moodle message, you will find two files: a list containing all the log files downloaded and processed for any errors that may have occurred, and a download link to a zip file containing the files you requested.

From the Turnitin Viewer

Files can also be downloaded directly from the Turnitin Viewer

  1. Click on the title bar of the article title in the task inbox; this will open the file viewer in a new browser
  2. Click the download icon in the toolbar of the product part of the submission tool.
  3. A box will appear with download options. From here, you can download the current view of the paper (including QuickMarks), which was originally submitted to Turnitin, Sands official website and digital receipt submission.

By clicking on the download to print the current view when processing a media file submission, only the submission information and comments added to the GradeMark will appear in the PDF.

Download media file

When you open the media file and submit it in the Turnitin Turnitin Viewer, you will immediately prompt to download the file in its original format. From here on, you can provide feedback on the blank papers submitted by GradeMark.

  1. Click on the title of the paper title column in the task inbox; this will open the paper Turnitin Viewer
  2. Click anywhere to download the submission file: The top banner Turnitin Viewer downloads your student's media in its original format submission. The file will be automatically downloaded to your device