Copying a Moodle Class

The Turnitin Moodle Direct integration is fully compatible with the Moodle course archive and restore functionality.

If you restore a Moodle course containing Turnitin assignment links from an archive into a Moodle environment configured with the Turnitin Moodle Direct integration, the restored course will by default retain its links to the Turnitin assignment it was initially linked to when it was created.

If you are restoring the archive as a backup, this may be functioning the way you intended.

If you are creating new Moodle courses from an archived version, the Moodle course reset feature would need to be used on the newly created course to break the association with the original Turnitin assignments. Stated another way, you should use the reset feature when an academic year or term has ended and you plan to re-use the Moodle course.

Only Moodle Administrators may reset a course.

To do so:

  1. Log in into your Moodle system.

  2. Navigate to the course.

  3. Select the reset link under the settings menu in the lower left (Administrator-level access to Moodle is needed to see this option).

When using the course reset feature there are the following options for the Turnitin activity modules:

  • Copy Turnitin Assignments (Create Duplicates, New Turnitin Class) - the most appropriate choice if a new copy of a course is being made.

  • Replace Turnitin Assignments (Replace Assignment Parts, Reuse Turnitin Class) - should be used if the same student cohort is being used but the Turnitin assignments are intended to be separate from the ones that were previously created.

  • Leave Turnitin Assignments Untouched - should be used if the Turnitin assignment links need to remain as they are when other Moodle course content is reset.