Configuring Email SMTP Settings

In order for students to successfully receive a digital receipt to their inbox, you must input your institution's SMTP credentials.

  1. To enter your SMTP information, from the Moodle left-hand navigation panel, locate the Site administration link, above the search box.

  2. From the Site Administration drop-down list, select Plugins
  3. From the Plugins drop-down list, select Message outputs
  4. Finally, select Email from the Message outputs drop-down list
  5. The SMTP settings are at the top of the Email settings page. You are required to enter the SMTP hosts name(s) of local SMTP servers that Moodle should use to send mail, along with the SMTP username and password.

    Turnitin and Moodle do not hold an institution's SMTP information on file. You must speak to your institution to acquire this information.

  6. Click Save changes at the bottom of the page.

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