Step 2 - Installing Moodle Direct V2 in Moodle

A Moodle environment will only support one integration and account/sub-account. If you need to configure multiple Turnitin sub-accounts, you will have to create a Moodle environment for each one.

The activity module is installed in the standard Moodle way, instructions on how to install an activity module in Moodle can be found here:

  1. Download the turnitintooltwo.
  2. Unzip the plugin.
  3. The unzipped file will contain a folder labeled turnitintooltwo and a read me file. You must copy the turnitintooltwo folder onto the Moodle server in the /mod directory.

    You may have to restart your web server service at this point.

  4. Navigate to Site Administration > Notifications and follow the on screen instructions.

    The Turnitin plugin was not developed with support for third party plugins, therefore it cannot be guaranteed to function fully in conjunction with other assessment plugins.