Viewing the Turnitin Submission Inbox

Instructors can view the Similarity Reports completed for submitted papers by accessing the Turnitin assignment inbox. Either click on the Assignments link in the Activities section on the homepage and click on the assignment title or click on the assignment title on the homepage.

To access the submissions click on the Submissions Inbox tab.

The submission inbox displays a list of the students enrolled in the course and a summary of the similarity scores associated with their submissions.

If there are multiple parts for the assignment, you may need to expand the list of submissions by clicking on the [+] symbol next to the student name to see all the student’s details.

The columns headings in the assignment inbox are:

Student Submission - a column containing the names and assignment title for Moodle students in the assignment. Clicking on the name takes you to the Moodle user page for that student. If a student is enrolled in the Turnitin system but not enrolled in the Moodle system the student is listed as “Non Moodle Student”. If the student is subsequently enrolled in Moodle the submission will be linked to the student account automatically. The number of submissions made by a student is included in brackets.

Paper ID – this column of the report contains the paper id of the submission.

Submitted – this column of the report contains the date and time of the submission. Late submissions are color coded red.

Similarity - this column contains a percentage indicating the overall similarity of the paper to information in the Turnitin repositories, 100% being ‘fully similar’, 0% indicating ‘no similarity’. Clicking on the Similarity % icon opens the Similarity Report.

Grade – this column either contains a grade and a pencil icon for editing the grade or if GradeMark has been enabled the column indicates if GradeMark is available. A pencil icon shows what papers can be accessed in GradeMark. No icon will appear if a student has not submitted a paper to the assignment or if GradeMark has not been purchased for the account. If the icon is available, click on the pencil icon to open a GradeMark window.

Download icon - a arrow icon located to the right of the submission. Click on the icon to download a copy of the submission.

Delete icon - a trash bin icon located to the right of the submission. Click on the icon to delete the submission from the inbox.

Refresh Submissions - this option checks with Turnitin to see if more submissions have been entered or if new Similarity Reports are available.

Enroll All Students - this options only affects users that also access Turnitin through the native Turnitin web site. Clicking on this button enrolls all students from this Moodle class in Turnitin in one go. You do not normally need to select this option, as students are enrolled in Turnitin as required for the purposes of submission.

Options Tab

The Options tab allows you to select various options for the Turnitin assignment.

Date Format: this option allows you to select US style date or UK style date formatting. In a future release this will be derived from the locale.

Auto Submit: by default as soon as a student uploads work it is sent to Turnitin for processing. You can switch this off and separate the loading of work into Moodle from the upload to Turnitin. If you separate this process the students would need to submit a draft and then separately click a button to upload the draft into Turnitin.

Use GradeMark: if your institution is subscribed to GradeMark you can use this setting to revert back to manually grading instead of using the Turnitin grading system.

Grade Display: this setting allows to select either a % score for grades (the default) or a fraction (xx/100) for the display of grades.

Auto Refresh Grades / Scores: by default the system will automatically attempt to refresh similarity scores and grades, but this can be turned off if the instructor would rather do it manually.

Submission List: by default all students are listed whether they have submitted to an assignment or not. However, if you prefer, you can opt to only see students in this list that have submitted work.

Comments Remain Editable, Maximum comment length: an instructor can provide feedback to a student on the submission through a comments area. These settings determine how long comments remain editable and how many characters can be used.

Leaving Feedback for a Submission

To leave feedback for a student’s submission click on the blue number link.

A text box will be available for the instructor to enter their feedback on the student’s submission. Click on the Add/Edit Comment button to add the comment.

Opening the Similarity Report

The Turnitin Similarity Report can be accessed from the submission inbox. Under the Similarity column are the icons indicating the percentage of the similarity score and the corresponding color on a blue(0%) to red scale(100%).

Click on the icon to open the Similarity Report.

Accessing GradeMark®

To access GradeMark to grade the student’s paper, select the pencil icon in the Grade column.

Please note that not all accounts have purchased the GradeMark product, if GradeMark has not been purchased the grademark column will be blank where the GradeMark icon should appear.

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