LTI 1.3 and Advantage FAQ

What benefits come with Turnitin becoming LTI Advantage certified?

In addition to the security improvements that come with LTI 1.3, additional services are now available which continue to improve the integration experience between Turnitin and an LMS.

  • Names and Role Provisioning Services - provides assignment roster syncing as well as the ability for instructors to submit on behalf of a student.

  • Deep Linking - an easier approach to setting up a Turnitin assignment from within a course.

  • Assignment and Grade Services - offers a better-supported method of sharing student grades between Turnitin and an LMS.

Can my institution benefit from this now?

Although Turnitin is now LTI Advantage certified, not all Turnitin LMS partners have completed the same necessary updates. This means that the current LTI integrations will remain the same while we work with individual partners to complete a fully working integrated experience, and we will be announcing these individually as they go live.

Are there any currently live LTI Advantage certified integrations?

We have worked closely with Blackboard in creating an LTI 1.3 integration which was released in October 2019. Conversations are also currently underway with other partners as well, so there will be some further integration announcements coming soon!

What if my institution uses a custom LMS that is LTI 1.3 certified?

Currently, we are working to complete our LTI 1.3 registration flow process, in order to support any IMS certified LTI 1.3 integrations. Keep a lookout for upcoming announcements this year for information on when this will become available. This will also allow support for current LTI 1.1 integrations that are ready to move to LTI 1.3.

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