Viewing Turnitin notifications

Turnitin Notifications give you timely notice of several important things that may affect your account. This includes notice of downtime, the download link for bulk uploads, and other things that may be of relevance.

Finding notifications

Turnitin Notifications can be accessed from the assignment inbox. To the top right of the assignment inbox is a section titled Notifications. Select Notifications to open the drop-down.

The Notifications icon will flash with a red pulse when there are new messages you have not seen yet.

About notifications

After opening the Notifications drop-down, you'll see a list of notifications that you have been sent. There are two main types of notifications, System Messages and [Bulk Download]. System messages are used to notify you of any upcoming maintenance windows. [Bulk Download] messages provide you with a zipped file containing any files you have selected to download.

Icons are used to denote the urgency of the message.

A warning sign denotes the highest priority of message.

A download icon is not urgent, and can be viewed at any time.

An information icon, are system messages that are important but might not require immediate attention.