Using Turnitin within a third-party app

Once you've navigated through your third-party app and tapped the Submit to Turnitin button, you can start to submit your paper. Follow the guidance below to use Turnitin's share extension.

  1. Logged out users - To begin your submission, enter your login credentials, then click Log In. This prompt will only appear if you are logged out of the Feedback Studio for iOS app.
  2. Tap in the Submission Title text area and enter your chosen title. Follow this by selecting the account, class, and assignment in which you would like to submit your paper.
  3. Please remain patient while your paper submits to Turnitin. If you'd prefer to abort the submission, tap the Cancel button as quickly as possible.
  4. Once your submission is complete, you will receive confirmation on-screen. Click Close to return to iCloud Drive.