Feedback Studio for iOS

The Feedback Studio for iOS app allows Turnitin direct students (students who do not access Turnitin through an LMS) to submit papers and view instructor feedback and also gives instructors the freedom to mark and grade student papers. To get started download the Feedback Studio for iOS app from the App Store.

Getting started

Logging in as a student

Logging in with an email address

Logging in after changing your password

Adding an LMS class to the app

Dual roles

Selecting your service

Syncing data

Instructor assignments

Accessing the assignment inbox

Sorting submissions

Searching for an assignment

Reloading a submission

Assignment information

Instructor quick submit

Downloading individual submissions

Downloading all submissions

Student assignments

Accessing the submission inbox

Reloading a submission

Accessing digital receipts

Downloading digital receipts

Viewing an assignment's rubric or grading form

Submitting a paper

Submitting in the app

Resubmitting a paper

File requirements

Late submissions

Submitting a paper from a third-party app

Enabling Turnitin within a third-party app

Using Turnitin within a Third-Party app

Submitting via Apple

Submitting via Box

Submitting via Dropbox

Submitting via Google

Submitting via Microsoft

Possible issues during submission

Grading a paper

Accessing the document viewer

On-paper grading

Adding a grade

Rubrics and grading forms

Adding a QuickMark

Associating a QuickMark with a criterion

Personalizing QuickMark feedback

Adding bubble comments

Associating a bubble comment with a criterion

Converting bubble comments into QuickMarks

Adding a summary comment

Adding in-line comments

Voice comments

Striking through pieces of text

Deleting a strikethrough

Deleting and editing a bubble comment

Deleting and editing a QuickMark

Deleting and Editing In-Line Comments

Moving on-paper feedback

Viewing paper feedback

Accessing paper feedback

Reloading a submission

Rubrics and grading forms

Voice comments

Similarity Report

Instructor view of the Similarity Report

Student view of the Similarity Report


Instructor notifications

Student notifications