Instructor quick submit

Quick Submit allows you to submit papers and receive Similarity Reports without creating a class or an assignment. This is a useful tool for spot-checking submissions and having these papers in electronic format. Quick submit should not be used if you prefer that students submit their own papers.

To use the Quick Submit feature, it must be activated at or To view guidance for activating and using this feature, check Activating quick submit.

In Feedback Studio for iOS, instructors can view Quick Submit as a class under the associated account. Within this class, Quick Submit is then viewable as an assignment. As an instructor, you can view and grade the paper as you would a normal submission. However, grading is not available when using Quick Submit through the direct web service at or

As a student has not submitted the paper and it is not part of a normal class or assignment, please note that a far-future due date of 31-Dec-2099 is displayed.​