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Creating and managing assignments

Creating an Assignment | D2L

Publishing GradeMark Feedback | D2L

Turnitin assignment settings | D2L

The Similarity Report

The Similarity Report explained

Accessing the Similarity Report | D2L

Accessing the Text-Only Similarity Report | D2L

Generating a new Similarity Report | D2L

Interpreting the Similarity Report | D2L

Managing Paper View Requests | D2L

Multicolor highlighting in the Similarity Report | D2L

Refining the Similarity Report | D2L

Similarity scoring scenarios | D2L

Viewing similarity matches | D2L

Viewing sources | D2L

Similarity Report exclusions

Excluding quotes and bibliography | D2L

Bibliography and quotes exclusion definition | D2L

Excluding small matches | D2L

Excluding sources | D2L

Viewing excluded sources | D2L

Commenting tools

Adding bubble comments | D2L

Adding inline comments | D2L

Adding QuickMarks | D2L

Adding strikethroughs | D2L

Adding text summary comments | D2L

Converting bubble comments to QuickMarks | D2L

Assigning criteria to bubble comments | D2L

Recording voice comments | D2L

Multiple Markers | D2L

Deleting bubble comments | D2L

Deleting inline comments | D2L

Deleting QuickMarks | D2L

Deleting strikethroughs | D2L


About PeerMark | D2L

Creating an external learning tool assignment for PeerMark | D2L

Creating a PeerMark assignment | D2L

Accessing PeerMark reviews | D2L

Using the PeerMark tools palette | D2L

Adding bubble comments | D2L

Adding inline comments | D2L

Adding composition marks | D2L

Pairing students | D2L

Unpairing students | D2L

Excluding a student from pairing | D2L

Including a student for pairing | D2L

Accessing PeerMark questions | D2L

Creating a free response question | D2L

Creating a scale question | D2L

Adding a question from the PeerMark library | D2L

Saving questions to a new library | D2L

Saving questions to an existing library | D2L

Editing and deleting questions | D2L

The PeerMark Assignment Inbox | D2L

Writing an Instructor Review | D2L

Writing a review for a selected paper | D2L

Submitting paper

File requirements

Digital Receipts | D2L

ETS® e-rater®

Viewing e-rater feedback | D2L

Dismissing and revealing e-rater marks | D2L

Adding comments to e-rater marks | D2L

Hiding e-rater feedback categories | D2L

When is e-rater feedback released to students | D2L


Changing QuickMarks set visibility options | D2L

Filtering visibility options | D2L

Accessing the QuickMark manager | D2L

Creating new QuickMarks | D2L

Creating new QuickMarks sets | D2L

Editing QuickMarks | D2L

Copying QuickMarks to an existing set | D2L

Archiving QuickMarks | D2L

Restoring QuickMarks | D2L

Searching for QuickMarks | D2L

Downloading QuickMarks sets | D2L

Uploading QuickMark sets | D2L

Rubric scorecards

Types of Rubric Scorecards | D2L

Creating a standard rubric scorecard | D2L

Modifying a rubric scorecard | D2L

Attaching a rubric scorecard to an assignment | D2L

Grading in the rubric side panel | D2L

Grading in the expanded rubric manager | D2L

Duplicating a rubric scorecard | D2L

Downloading rubric scorecard | D2L

Uploading rubric scorecards | D2L

Grading forms

Creating a grading form | D2L

Modifying a grading form | D2L

Attaching a grading form to an assignment | D2L

Grading in the grading form side panel | D2L

Grading in the expanded grading form manager | D2L

Duplicating a grading form | D2L

Downloading a grading form | D2L

Downloading a grading form | D2L

Assigning grading form criteria to bubble comments | D2L

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Moving between papers | D2L

Using layers | D2L

Using the thumbnail sidebar | D2L

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