Creating a dropbox assignment

  1. Log in as a D2L Brightspace instructor.
  2. Select the course that you'd like to create an assignment in.
  3. From the navigation at the top of the course page, select Assignments.
  4. Select the blue New Folder button.
  5. Give your folder a name.
  6. Select the Submission & Completion section.
  7. Under the Allowable File Extensions section, choose Compatible with Turnitin.
  8. Select the Evaluation & Feedback section.
  9. Select the Manage Turnitin link from the Turnitin integration section.

  10. Ensure the Enable Similarity Report for this folder and/or Enable GradeMark for this folder options are checked.

  11. It is now possible to use the Similarity Report and/or and Online Grading separately for an assignment. Howevwer, if your institution's account has Online Grading access enabled, there will no longer be a column created in the Brightspace assignment subfolder.

  12. Under Transfer, select Automatically sync grades as Draft in Brightspace.
  13. Under Display, select Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity scores in their Dropbox folder.

  14. To customize the assignment further and find Turnitin's optional settings, select the More Options button.

    Learn more about Turnitin's additional options here.

Please note that D2L does not support text submissions when integrated with Turnitin.