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Submitting a paper

File types and sizes

Locating your digital receipt

Downloading your paper

The Similarity Report

Accessing the Similarity Report

Interpreting the Similarity Report

Refining the Similarity Report

Similarity scoring scenarios

Viewing a breakdown of your matches

Viewing all sources associated with your paper

Viewing source details

Excluding quotes and bibliography

Bibliography and quote exclusion definitions

Excluding small matches

Multicolor highlighting in the Similarity Report

Similarity Report generation after resubmission

Resizing your paper

Using thumbnails

Using layers

Paper feedback

Accessing Feedback Studio

Your overall grade

What are rubrics?

View grading forms

Text comments

Voice comments

Bubble comments

What are QuickMarks?

Inline comments

Strikethrough text

Viewing a criterion

Accessing e-rater feedback

Additional comments on an e-rater mark


About PeerMarks

Accessing an external learning tool assignment for PeerMark

Selecting a paper to review

Writing a peer review

Submitting a peer review

Adding comments to a peer review

Resubmitting a peer review

Reading a peer review