Enabling document details

This feature is only available for certain Turnitin licenses. Contact your Turnitin sales rep to find out more.

This setting must be set from within turnitin.com/turnitinuk.com, even if you integrate with Turnitin via a learning management system. Enabling Document Details for your account on the Edit account settings page will also enable it within your integration.

The account settings page allows you to change the default options set at account creation.

  1. To begin customizing your Turnitin account settings, select the gear icon alongside the account (or subaccount) you wish to edit.
  2. Select Edit account settings.

  1. Under the Document Details access section, select the checkbox to enable the Document Details side panel for your instructors.

If Anonymous Marking is enabled then Document Details will be hidden as it will reveal information about the student. The panel will become visible once the Assignment Post Date has passed.

Learn more about Document Details.