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 Assignment setup

Creating an assignment

Turnitin settings

Choosing comparison repositories

Customizing the Similarity Report

Setting Similarity Report availability

Submission storage options

 Course and assignment reuse

Copying a course

Duplicating an assignment

Importing course content


Document details (Turnitin originality only)


 The Similarity Report

Accepted file types and sizes

Accessing the Similarity Report

Accessing the text-only Similarity Report

Excluding small matches

Bibliography and quote exclusion definitions

Excluding sources

Generating a new Similarity Report

Interpreting the Similarity Report

Multi-color highlighting

Paper view requests

Refining the Similarity Report

Resizing your paper

Similarity scoring scenarios

The thumbnail sidebar

Viewing excluded sources

Viewing similarity matches

Viewing sources

 ETS e-rater®

Adding comments to e-rater® marks

Dismissing and revealing e-rater® marks

Hiding e-rater® feedback categories

Viewing e-rater® feedback

Viewing the Turnitin writer's handbook

When is e-rater® feedback released to students?

 Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions for Instructors