Can I continue to use Turnitin's legacy API or LTI integration after the general release of the Canvas Plagiarism Framework?

Yes, we still support both legacy API and LTI integrations after the general release of the Canvas Plagiarism Framework on May 28th, 2018. As we will eventually deprecate the legacy API integration, we intend to provide sufficient notice so that you can prepare your institution for this change.

Can I run my legacy API and/or LTI integration alongside the Canvas Plagiarism Framework in the same Canvas account?

Yes, you can run either integration alongside the Canvas Plagiarism Framework. Where the Legacy API is concerned, you have two options:

  1. Leave it enabled. You’ll be able to access past Similarity Reports in Turnitin Feedback Studio, but you will need to apply custom CSS to hide the Enable Turnitin option in the assignment creation screen. If you do not do this, this will cause some confusion in that the Enable Turnitin option will be visible when the Canvas Plagiarism Framework is already enabled! We're happy to provide this custom CSS; however, your Canvas Customer Success Representative must enable this on your Canvas account first.
  2. Disable the API. You’ll be able to see past similarity scores but you won’t be able to open Feedback Studio to view Similarity Reports in Canvas. Administrators will still be able to view papers on request using the Turnitin.com interface.

You should also ask your Canvas Customer Success Representative about best practices for setting up your Turnitin account and sub-accounts.

If I use the Canvas Plagiarism Framework, what will happen to work previously submitted to my legacy API integration?

Work previously submitted to the legacy API integration will not be affected until you either disable or delete the legacy API.

Will any issues arise if I use both the Canvas Plagiarism Framework and legacy API and/or LTI integrations side by side?

No issues have been reported when using multiple Turnitin integrations alongside each other in Canvas; however, we recommend testing each integration for issues before rolling them out to your institution.

Is the new Canvas Plagiarism Framework still in beta?

No, the Canvas Plagiarism Framework is no longer in beta. However, it is still in its infancy and we’ll continue to iron out any remaining bugs or feature requests over the summer 2018 period.

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