Configuration and setup

Can I test the integration in Canvas before enabling it for my institution?

Yes, you can test the Canvas Plagiarism Framework integration in a live course or a Canvas sandbox in your Canvas production environment.

To begin testing, your institution's Turnitin administrator must create a sub-account in their Turnitin production account via or Within this sub-account, they should edit the sub-account settings and uncheck the following boxes:

• Online grading
• PeerMark
• Grade book
• Discussion boards
• Grammar check using ETS® e-rater® technology
• Anonymous marking

Note: If your institution's Turnitin and Canvas administrator are not the same person, both administrators must work together to successfully integrate this sub-account into specific classes or sandboxes; the Turnitin administrator's login credentials are required to complete the integration setup. For advice or help getting started, refer to our guides or reach out to your Turnitin representative.

Does the institution administrator need to enable the Canvas Plagiarism Framework?

Yes, only a Canvas administrator can enable this integration between Turnitin and Canvas. To do this, you can find instructions in our user guide.

Note: An administrator can either enable this at account level or on individual courses. This can be useful for testing the integration on a smaller scale.

Does an administrator need to be enrolled in the course as a teacher to configure Turnitin?

No, administrators can setup assignments without being added as a teacher on a course.