Submission storage options

It is important that you define where your students' submissions will be stored. Select the option most appropriate to your needs.

Standard paper repository

Student papers will be checked against other institutions' student submissions.

Institution paper repository

Student papers will only be checked against other student papers within your institution. With this setting enabled, if a student from your institution submits a paper matching a paper of a student from another institution, Turnitin will not identify this match.

Do not store the submitted papers

A Similarity Report will still be generated for paper submissions, but your students' papers will not be stored in the Turnitin standard paper repository or the institution's paper repository for future comparison.

If you find that this setting is unavailable to you, please contact your administrator to request it to be enabled in their account settings. If your administrator subsequently finds that the setting is also unavailable to them, it is recommended that they speak to their Turnitin account manager