Changing QuickMark set visibility options

Turnitin comes packed with many QuickMark sets that help to make your life easier. However, not every set will be relevant to every Instructor. You can change the visibility of certain QuickMark sets with just a few clicks!

Changing visibility options will change them for every class you have created. Hiding QuickMark sets in this way only removes them from the QuickMark Set list. You can make them visible again at any time.

  1. Click the QuickMark icon from the online grading toolbar to open the QuickMark side-panel. This will show the currently open QuickMark set.

  2. Select the cog icon from the QuickMarks side panel to open the QuickMark Manager.
  3. From the QuickMark Manager, select the menu icon.

  4. Select Manage Sets from the menu options.
  5. A list of all of the QuickMark sets on your account is shown. Select any QuickMark set to check which QuickMarks are included.
  6. Select the Eye icon to change visibility options.

    - An open eye means that the QuickMark set is visible.

    - An open eye with a line through it means the QuickMark is currently hidden.

    Selecting one of the icons will switch it to its opposite state.

  7. Select the Back to Previous button or the Close button to go back to the assignment.