Copying QuickMarks to an existing set

Marks within a QuickMark set can be added to other sets, allowing you to reuse QuickMarks across multiple situations that you may face whilst grading.

Adding a single mark | Adding multiple marks in one set

Adding a single mark

  1. Access the QuickMark Manager from the Instructor homepage or while viewing a student paper, as detailed in guidance for Accessing the QuickMark Manager.

  2. Select a QuickMark set, then select the mark you wish to add to another set.
  3. Select + Add to set located at the bottom of the mark details within the rightmost panel. A dropdown with a list of all sets in this account will appear.
  4. Select which set to add this mark to from the dropdown. The mark will now appear in the selected set.

Adding multiple marks in one set

  1. Select the QuickMark set containing marks you wish to add elsewhere.

  2. Select which marks to add. To select all the marks in the set, choose the Select all link at the top of the center panel. A dropdown will appear in the rightmost panel.

    Select more than one mark by holding the shift key, the command (cmd) key on a Mac, or the control (Ctrl) key on a PC while selecting marks.

  3. Using the dropdown list located in the rightmost panel, choose which set to add the selected marks to.

  4. Select the + Add to Set button. The marks will now appear in the selected set.