ETS e-rater feedback

The ETS e-rater grammar and spelling feedback provides students with suggestions for writing improvement in the following categories: grammar, usage, mechanics, style and spelling. It generates at the same time as the similarity report. To use e-rater for an assignment it must be enabled during assignment creation.

There is a 64,000 encoded character limit for ETS e-rater checking. This total includes spaces and other special characters. It does not relate to a count of number of text characters used. Papers in excess of this limit are not eligible to receive grammar checking.

The e-rater feedback appears on the paper as purple comments.

  1. To view the e-rater spelling and grammar suggestions, click on any mark.
  2. To make comments on the suggestions, click on the purple suggestion and add your comment.
  3. (Optional) Select View Handbook to view more information about the e-rater mark in a new tab.
    1. While viewing the handbook, you can on the open book icon at the top right to change the level of the handbook's guidance.
    2. To return to Feedback Studio, close the handbook tab.
  4. To dismiss the e-rater suggestion pop-up, click on Dismiss

The e-rater side panel

The e-rater side panel displays each of the five e-rater categories and the number of times a suggestion is made in the paper.

  1. To access the ETS side panel, click the purple ETS icon at the bottom of the product toolbar.
  2. You can hide a category of marks by unchecking the category in the side panel.