Using Multiple markers

Multiple Markers can be useful if there are 2 or more instructors providing feedback and the instructors want to keep their feedback separate from each other. This way, if a student has a question about their feedback, they will know which instructor to ask about it. If Multiple Markers is not enabled for your account, please contact your Turnitin administrator.

Marker Layers

Multiple Markers is an account option on your account. In opening a student's submission, the Turnitin Feedback Studio will activate your layer by default. Your layer will be retained only if you leave a comment on the paper.

Your Layer

Once you have left feedback within your layer, your initials will show up next to your feedback.

Multiple Marker Layers

Any other marker layers will appear in the Active Layers panel. You can turn these layers on and off by checking and unchecking the relevant checkbox.

Enabling other marker layers will make their comments appear alongside your own. 

Multiple marking is not supported on the iPad app.

Markers can currently edit and remove other marker’s feedback. In addition, if more than one instructor is grading the submission, the last instructor to click “Apply to Grade” will be the final grade that is sent to the gradebook.