The Blackboard Grade Center

This page is about Blackboard specific functionality that Turnitin does not develop. While we make every effort to keep pages like this up-to-date, it may differ slightly from your experience based on Blackboard's feature developments.

  1. From the sidebar, select Grades and choose the assignment you would like to view grading for.

There are several things you can do to gradeable items

  1. Download - Download the Gradebook.
  2. Upload - Upload a CSV or XLS Gradebook file.
  3. Settings - Gradebook settings
  4. Assignment list - Takes you to the assignment list for the course you are viewing
  5. Calendar - View your calendar
  6. Access Discussions
  7. View the Gradebook
  8. Messages - View any messages for your course
  9. Course Analytics - Statistics about your course
  10. Gradable items - You can view all the coursework you've assigned and your grading progress. You can also access the management functions.
  11. Students - Switch to view grading information by student (more details below).
  12. Item - The assignment.
  13. Due date - Due date of the assignment.
  14. Status - Grading status.
  15. Horizontal dots - Edit or delete the assignment (editing will only allow you to edit the Blackboard settings).

In the Student View, you can view the data of a student across several assignments

  1. Students - Name of the students.
  2. Grade column - for an assignment.
  3. Grade column - for another assignment.
  4. Set up overall grade feature

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