The assignment inbox

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Each assignment in a class has an assignment inbox. The assignment inbox contains any submissions that have been made by students or the instructor to the assignment.

The top menu bar has notifications, a link to our support wizard, and an option to edit the assignment settings.

The search bar allows you to search through the students. The drop-down allows you to view your group and group sets.

Select Download All to download all the papers. Use the check boxes next to the papers to select papers, then Download Selected to download these papers.

The assignment inbox is a sorted list of columns containing information regarding submissions in an assignment. The assignment inbox can be organized by any of the criteria listed - for example, clicking on the column heading name of author will sort the contents of the assignment box by author last name from A to Z. Clicking the column heading again will sort it again by the reverse of the criteria, from Z to A.

The column headings in the assignment inbox are:

Author - A column containing the names of any enrolled students and the names given for any non-enrolled instructor uploaded papers in the assignment. Clicking on the name of the author opens the class portfolio page for any enrolled students. Enrolled student names appear as blue links.

Paper Title - The title given for any paper submitted. If there is no submission for a user, this field will list "no submission". Clicking on the title of a paper will open the paper in the Turnitin Feedback Studio viewer.

Paper ID - The unique numeric ID number assigned to every submission made to Turnitin. This column contains a dash if no submission was made. The paper ID is also provided to students or instructors when submitting by file upload or copy and paste as part of the digital receipt.

Uploaded - The date of a submission. Any dates shown in red indicate a late submission made after the due date and time of an assignment. The format is day-month-year. If no submission was made after the due date/time for a student, this column shows (late) in red. If the due date has not passed, students in the class with no submissions have a dash in this column.

Viewed - This icon indicates whether the paper has been viewed by the student. If the eye has a strike through it, the paper has not been viewed.

Grade - The grade column indicates GradeMark image availability. A blue pencil icon indicates that a paper is ready to be graded, but has not yet been graded. A gray pencil icon that no submission was made or that GradeMark digital assessment is not available for the class or account. Once a paper is graded, the point value given to the paper will replace the pencil icon in the grade column.

Similarity - The Similarity column contains the Similarity Report icon. The icon contains a percentage indicating the overall similarity of the paper to information in the Turnitin repositories: 100% being ‘fully similar’, 0% indicating ‘no similarity’. The icon is rectangular and contains the percentage number and the corresponding color. If only a grayed out icon is available, the report is not ready. A dash in the report column indicates no submission or that no Similarity Report is generated based on assignment settings.

Options - This menu will allow the instructor to submit or resubmit on behalf of students, download the submission, or delete the submission.

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