Submitting a paper

To submit to a Blackboard Direct assignment, the file must be uploaded to an existing assignment that has been created by an instructor. Turnitin cannot accept student submissions until the assignment's start date & time. Students may submit an assignment anywhere up to the due date and time.

Turnitin may reject an assignment after the due date and time has elapsed. However, a submission may be permitted after the due date and time if your instructor has enabled Late Submissions. Please check with your instructor to clarify whether Late Submissions has been enabled in your assignment.

To check the start date and due date information, click the Content link via the left-hand menu of the course homepage. By clicking the View Assignment link in your list of assignments, which will take you to the Submissions Inbox.

The post date and time details your instructor's deadline for providing assignment feedback to you. Please consult your instructor for further information on this date and time, and its flexibility.

To submit by uploading a file, please see the File upload submission | Blackboard Direct

To submit by cut and paste, please see the Cut and paste submissions | Blackboard Direct‚Äč

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