Enable e-rater® grammar check

E-rater® Grammar Check provides you with the option to have a spelling and grammar check ran on all submissions to an assignment. When enabled student's will receive detailed grammar feedback using GradeMark automatically through the e-rater technology. Selecting Yes to enable the grammar check with expand to include customizable options for grammar check.

If this option is not available then E-rater® Grammar Check has been disabled for the account. You can contact your Turnitin account administrator to enable grammar check for the account.

  1. Select the ETS handbook level from the drop down menu. The ETS handbooks provide students with in depth information about the grammar errors the e-rater technology finds in their paper tailored to their current level of study.
  2. Select the dictionary used for the spelling check, UK English or US English.

The Categories enabled by default option allows instructors to choose which categories of feedback are enabled when viewing assignment submissions in GradeMark. The default is to show the feedback for every category.