Creating revision assignments

Student users can only submit one paper per assignment. If the instructor wishes students to submit multiple drafts without overwriting the previous drafts, the instructor can create additional assignments using the revision assignment type. Revision assignments are duplicates of the ‘parent’ assignment’s advanced options and standard settings, but may have new start, due, and post dates. The revision assignment may have a different Generate Originality Reports for student submissions setting. The instructor may also select a different set of optional special instructions, or assign a different point value.

  1. After turning Edit Mode On at the top right of the Contents page, select Turnitin Assignment using the Create Assessment pull down menu.

  2. Select Revision Assignment by clicking on the radio button next to Revision Assignment. Click on the Next Step button.

  3. From the pull down menu labeled based on paper assignment: select the assignment this revision should be based on.

  4. (Optional) Enter a point value for the revision assignment.

  5. Select the start date, due date, and (if available) post date for the assignment. Select an option from the Generate Originality Reports for student submissions: drop down menu.

    In Blackboard, the post date relates to the availability of GradeMark papers only and has no bearing on when grades are posted to the Blackboard Gradebook.

  6. (Optional) Enter any special assignment instructions.

  7. Click on submit to save this revision assignment. Revision assignments appear as sub-assignments (1a, 2a, 3b) on the class home page for instructors.

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