Syncing the class roster

Enrolled students will appear in the assignment inbox once they have accessed a Turnitin assignment in the course. To automatically import the student list into the inbox before the students access the assignments or submit papers, an instructor can synchronize the assignment roster. Click on the Roster Sync button in the assignment inbox, which will import a list of all students currently enrolled in the Blackboard course for the assignment. This function can also be used later to remove student users who are no longer a part of the course. All submissions and data for students removed by a Roster Sync will disappear from all Turnitin assignments in the course. 

Students who are removed by the roster sync function must be re-added to the Blackboard course and the Roster Sync function must be used again to regain access to any submissions, GradeMark commented papers, or other information in the Turnitin assignment for the student.

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