Configuring Blackboard Basic in Turnitin

The Turnitin administrator must first configure the Blackboard integration before the Turnitin Building Block can be downloaded and installed. The account administrator should log into their Turnitin account at or at if you are in the UK.

  1. Log in as the Turnitin account administrator at the Turnitin homepage or at if you are in the UK.
  2. Click on the integrations button for the account. If purchased the unconfigured button will appear under the integrations column. If the integration has already been configured click on the configured button and skip to step 6. If the integration has not been configured click on the unconfigured button.

  3. Click on Blackboard Basic to open up the configuration page. Unconfigured platforms will have an unlit status button. Yellow status buttons indicates a partially configured integration. The green status button indicates a fully configured integration.

    A Blackboard environment will only support one integration and account/sub-account. If you need to configure multiple Turnitin sub-accounts, you will have to create a Blackboard environment for each one.

  4. Fill out the three required fields: 

    The shared key is used during the plugin installation process within Blackboard. We recommend making a note of the secret key once it has been entered for quick reference.

  5. Click Save to finalize the Blackboard Basic configuration.
  6. Once the integration has been configured you can download the latest version of the building block by clicking on this link